What brings together a PhD student, a business consultant and an agricultural entrepreneur? BESTMEDGRAPE! Discover the story of an Italian team of potential entrepreneurs

Starter Cooperative

A team of passionate people that met and decided to carry out a common entrepreneurial project: Eleonora, a PhD student in Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Cagliari, Carla, a business consultant and auditor, and Cecilia, an agricultural entrepreneur.

They discovered our project in different ways, following their interests or by chance, but all of them thought it was a very good opportunity: “to integrate science with entrepreneurship and thus have the opportunity to transform my background into an innovative business idea” (Eleonora), “I attended the sommelier course and I’m a skincare enthusiast! It seemed a nice way to combine the passion for wine and skincare” (Carla), and “I am the owner of a farm and I have always been passionate about cosmetics. I just thought, why not discover new business opportunities for agricultural by-products?” (Cecilia).

Their focus is on the possibility to produce cosmetics with reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle and use. Cecilia tells us: "Carla and I are childhood friends and we enrolled in this course driven by curiosity towards the world of sustainable entrepreneurship and cosmetics. When we started the BESTMEDGRAPE course, we met Eleonora who conquered us with her precision and competence and with whom we decided to put together our skills and our background. Our team therefore consists of three profiles: Carla brings her contribution in the administrative field, Eleonora is our technical-scientific profile who will take care of the formulation of our products and I will bring my skills in the field of business development and marketing".

Finally, they add: “We are sure that this experience will enrich our cultural and human baggage. We expect to learn a lot about the world of entrepreneurship, and how to combine different skills to carry on and enhance a successful idea. It would certainly be an interesting opportunity to interact with other potential entrepreneurs to start possible future collaborations.”