When an opportunity arises from a crisis: let's listen to the words of Reem Zeineddine, new Lebanese entrepreneur granted by BESTMEDGRAPE



“I worked in a corporate for 6 years but I always think there is more to life than working 8-5 shifts.”

"My idea was born during the crisis in Lebanon. I realized that most people were struggling to afford the good quality hygiene products they were used to. Personally, I care too much about hair care products and I wouldn't replace a good brand with a cheaper option, but many people had to do so because feeding themselves became a priority."

With these words, Reem Zeineddine, Engineer with a degree in Chemical Process Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, explains her project: "Why shampoo? Because it's a daily necessity, related not only to hygiene but also to health. Shampoos contain various harmful components that accumulate in the body, which can harm human health in general. They can cause allergies, aging, nervous disorders and cardiovascular diseases. Most people are not aware of these side effects, and the rise of the "black market" selling untested and unofficial brands was a huge problem for me, so I thought I should find a solution and take advantage of it. So I created a formula using my scientific and professional expertise. With a product like this, not only can I provide an affordable quality product for the market, but I will also contribute to the economy, and I plan to have a line of products that are based on research and science as well."

According to Reem, her product has several strong points: 1) it will be a Lebanese product, 2) most of its raw materials are locally available, (serving waste valorization which is one of the top crisis in Lebanon by including raw materials extracted from fruit and veggie peels, and recycled plastics), 3) a green packaging will be developed, 4) new job opportunities will be created.

Let's deepen her idea: "I would like to stress the importance of believing in your idea. If you believe your idea will succeed, and you put the right strategies in place and continually invest in your own knowledge as you manage and grow your business, you will succeed. On the business side, I am creating a product that fits the market. We have very few local hair care brands and none of them focus solely on hair care, which opens a door for me to enter the market. With the right cost and pricing, digital presence, good marketing, attractive packaging and sales strategy, I will indeed break through".

During the technology transfer and business creation training carried out within BESTMEDGRAPE, Reem had the opportunity to appreciate the expertise of the Berytech team, partner of our project: "I believed in the expertise of the team and what they bring to the table. I had been following Berytech for a few years and knew that starting with them through this program would be the right choice given the exposure and the help and guidance I could receive. BESTMEDGRAPE in particular served my purpose. It aimed to gather ideas from non-built startups and it also focused on leveraging waste into market products".

Fianlly, we asked Reem what makes an entrepreneur become successful: "I think there should always be a safe zone and the risks must be calculated, especially for young entrepreneurs, who, out of motivation, tend to risk their careers and all their money and savings for an idea that may or may not succeed. I'd also like to say to potential entrepreneurs that they must be prepared to make sacrifices. When doors open for you, your work has just begun. In many cases, you have to put in more time than you would if you were working for someone else, which may mean spending less time with family and friends to be successful. There is nothing wrong with full-time employment, some entrepreneurs underestimate the true cost of the sacrifices that are required to start and maintain a business. Collecting profits may also take years, they should be aware and prepared so they don't fall in the middle of the road."

Good luck Reem!