اجتماع CRENoS وشركة مياه العقبة حول أنشطة التوعية والتواصل

 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

On January 27, 2021, MEDISS partners University of Cagliari-CRENoS and Aqaba Water Company met together to analyse the state of play of the actions under Work package 5 "Awareness and Networking” in Jordan. 

In particular, the experts have deepened the activities carried out so and the focus group and stakeholders interviews reporting methods. 

The meeting was coordinated by Professor Aide Esu (University of Cagliari - CRENoS) - Senior facilitator of the MEDISS Project and was attended by representatives of the Italian and Jordanian partners:

Alaa El Deen Mahmoud Eid, Aqaba Water Company, Project Coordinator
Nizar Akkawi, Aqaba Water Company, Communication Expert
Ziad El Taani, Aqaba Water Company, Facilitator, Member of the MEDISS Board of Experts 
Filippo Petrucci,  University of Cagliari - CRENoS, Facilitator Assistant;
Anna Pireddu, University of Cagliari - CRENoS, MEDISS Communication Manager

The MEDISS Awareness Programme, addressed to farmers, local communities and authorities, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders, aims to raise end-user awareness on non-conventional water and best agricultural practices and sustainable development.

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