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Type of meeting: CROSSDEV Steering Committee and Inter Partners Management Committee (IPMC)

Location: virtual meeting

Following our latest meeting on October 8th, 2020, the next CROSSDEV Steering Committee and Inter Partners Management Committee (IPMC) will be held on Monday, March 29th.

The online meeting will see the participation of all official IPMC members – Project Coordinator, Finance Manager, Project Managers and Finance Officers of each partner – as well as the Communication Manager and Communication Officers.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency still affecting all countries involved in the project (Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine), the partnership decided to hold yet another virtual meeting, hoping that the situation will soon improve all over the world so to allow in-person meetings in the nearest future.

This meeting will be the occasion to look back at the project’s development during its first year and a half of implementation (August 2019-February 2021) and to set the route for the upcoming months. Despite the Covid emergency, CROSSDEV managed to keep on track with the planned activities and to create a special bond with the local communities of all 4 countries through a number of initiatives, workshops, lectures, actions and special events, held virtually and in person.

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