Med-EcoSuRe و Co-Evolve4BG وضعت موضع التنفيذ التآزرات المخطط لها


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

On April 30th 2021 the coordination teams of Med-EcoSuRe and Co-Evolve4BG projects organized a working session to start the concretization of the collaboration actions in the framework of a synergy agreement signed on October 2020.

Both teams presented the progress of Med-EcoSuRe and Co-Evolve4BG and started implementing the first collaboration actions based on the projects achievements. These actions include:

  • Co-Evolve 4BG members will join the Living Lab community of Med-EcoSuRe to benefit from the access to all the energy renovation tools for buildings developed within the framework of the project. For instance, by means of one of the decision aid tools, it will be possible to identify the optimal renovation measures to reduce energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of buildings at Co-Evolve 4BG pilot sites. Technical workshops will be organized with the energy managers of INSTM as well as of the pilot site in Djerba in order to start working on the renovation process of these pilot buildings.
  • Med-EcoSuRe will participate in a seminar to be organized in June 2021 by Co-Evolve4BG in Djerba in order to present the Living Lab approach to local stakeholders and in order to learn about the participatory approach of the final beneficiaries planned in the framework of the project.

To know more about both projects , visit the webpages below: