MedEcoSuRe تنطلق سلسلة من الندوات على الانترنت حول هذا الموضوع "سياسات مستدامة للبناء وتجديد المباني "


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The first webinar of BeX.Live LL will be hosted by MEDREC, coordinator of Med-EcoSuRe project, and is scheduled to take place on June 23,2020 at 11:00 CET


Topic: How to implement sustainable policies with a cost-effective approach for construction and building renovation 

Target audience 

  • Energy managers and technicians from the “Infrastructure and Buildings” departments in universities;
  • Decision-makers/managers within the Ministry of Energy in charge of energy efficiency in public buildings;
  • Decision-makers /managers within the Ministry of Finance in charge of supporting energy projects;
  • Professors and students interested in energy policies and regulatory and technical aspects of energy efficiency in buildings;
  • Key Actors in the (experts, auditors, manufacturers, architects, etc.) with activities related to energy management in buildings.


Issues to be addressed

  • What approach, and steps have been adopted for the implementation of energy efficiency regulations in buildings in Tunisia?
  • What are the technical, economic and social barriers for the adoption of a regulation on energy efficiency in buildings in Tunisia?
  • What are the lessons learned from the approach adopted by Tunisia for the implementation of the regulatory framework?
  • Recommendations for promoting energy managers’ mission within universities and the implementation of necessary capacity building programs…


Invited speakers

Key national actors, namely the Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Territorial Development in Tunisia and The National Agency for Energy Management, will be participating to the webinar to share their experience in elaborating and implementing the thermal regulations in public buildings in Tunisia.

Green Building and ESMES projects are invited as well to present their repective projects and share the main findings, especially those related to the topic proposed for the webinar.


The agenda of the webinar is available here

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