[MEDISS] اجتماع خبراء الإتصالات الشهري - نوفمبر/تشرين ثاني


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

The Centre for North South Economic Research (CRENoS), responsible for project communication, continues to meet with MEDISS communication experts.

On November 16th, MEDISS Communication manager and local communication experts met on Skype to discuss project progress and further steps to take.

The aim of november virtual meeting is to discuss the following topics:

  • Awareness Program;
  • Facilitators Interviews;
  • Experts Interviews;
  • Next Project steering committee meeting;
  • Newsletter dissemination;
  • Socio - economic analysis;
  • Pilot projects updates. 



Anna Pireddu, Communication Manager (CRENoS)

Amal Shawar Orabi (Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group), Nizar Akkawi (Aqaba Water Company), Michela Cordeddu and Laura Stara (CRENoS), Moutaz Hroub (Governorate of Jericho), Saifeddine Turki (Ira Médenine)

Filippo Petrucci (CRENoS facilitator assitant) and Amedeo Fadda (ENAS Environmental data management expert), joined the meeting to tell the project activities progress in Sardinia.

Next meeting: 16 December 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Italian time.