[MEDISS] إجتماع تمهيدي للعطاء لزيارة الموقع التجريبي في وادي الأردن – أريحا


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

The Governorate of Jericho, together with MEDISS lead partner Palestinian Wastewater Engineering Group (PWEG) conducted a preliminary visit with bidders to the pilot site of the Jordan Valley-Jericho.

The aim of the visit was a pre-bid meeting with bidders interested in building a water blending plant in the pilot site.

On this occasion, interested bidders could have request clarifications on concerns they have in terms of tender documents, scope of work and other details.

MEDISS partners and interested bidders visited the location where the Wadi Quilt water will be blended with the treated wastewater from the treatment plant and the saline water from the water wells located in Jericho. 

In the Jordan Valley - Jericho, indeed, MEDISS collects lost surface water in Wadi Quilt, blend it with saline water from artesian wells and treated wastewater from Jericho City and then use it to irrigate pilot areas.