[MEDISS] مؤتمر "الإستراتيجية الأوروبية للإقتصاد الحيوي: السيناريوهات الإقليمية والآثار والفرص والمخاطر"



When: 25th September 2020                                       Where: Società Geografica Italiana 
            9:30 a.m                                                                         Villa Celimontana, via della Navicella 12 – Roma
                                                                                                   (and online)


The conference “La strategia europea di bioeconomia: scenari e impatti territoriali, opportunità e rischi" (The European Bioeconomy Strategy: Territorial scenarios and impacts, opportunities and risks) will be held on Friday 25th September 2020, from 9.30 a.m.

The conference is an important occasion to present the bioeconomy strategy and its implication in the territorial context.

In the afternoon, the impacts on biodiversity on water and soils will be discussed, among others.

There will be two main sessions:

  • First session (10:45 – 12:45 a.m): Bioeconomy strategy’s Framework and scenarios
  • Second session (2:30 – 5:00 p.m): Bioeconomy strategy: impacts on vital sectors, health and territorial communities.

It will be possible to follow the event both in presence (Rome) and online on Microsoft Teams.

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The afternoon session, in particular the speech concerning the impact of the strategy on water and soil resources, will be followed with interest by the MEDISS partners.

The MEDISS project, in fact, pursues objectives closely linked to the conference themes.



  • to reduce water and soil salinity through non-conventional water supply, reduce stress on groundwater and enabling hig productivity and diversification of agricultural production;
  • to support non-conventional water solutions for agricultural use, to reduce water consumption and limit costs for water supply;
  • to encourage behavioral change of end-users toward the use of non-conventional water in agriculture.

The main project information was collected in our first newsletter, available here.



To follow virtual event, please click here Partecipa alla riunione di Microsoft Teams