MEDISS: خطوة هامة إلى الأمام في خطة جمع البيانات في فلسطين والأردن

Wadi Quilt, Jericho (Palestine)

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Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (PWEG), MEDISS Lead Partner,  signs a Soil Analysis and Soil Mapping contract with TIMESIS, an Italian consultancy firm specialized in rural development, agriculture and soil surveys, land management and GIS. TIMESIS is particularly skilled in agriculture, soil science, soil mapping and water management. 

The contract includes preparation of soil surveys and soil maps set out in the MEDISS Data Collection Plan, both in Jordan and Palestine.

The MEDISS Data Collection Plan (DCP) is one of the tools identified by partners to achieve WP3 - Analysis and Monitoring objectives.
WP3 Analysis and monitoring is a technical work packages that embraces the whole project and is aimed at collecting relevant and consistent baseline data in the 4 MEDISS areas; analyzing and organizing data in a comprehensive database; provide target values and tools for monitoring;  evaluate MEDISS impact on water, soils and crops during and after pilot tests; identify up-scaling opportunities and elaborate solid proposal for future funding

The service includes but not limited to a soil survey of two areas (400 hectares in Palestine, 400 hectares in Jordan).

The soil study will involve a series of activities, both desk and on the field. The soil study results will provide information necessary for a correct approach for managing water and agricultural resources, soil monitoring during the MEDISS implementation phase and beyond. 

The service contract includes an agronomic study and participation of the experts in the Board of Expert’s meetings all along project duration.