[MEDISS] شركة مياه العقبة تتفقد الأعمال الجارية لمحطة تحلية المياه في الأردن


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

In the first week of April, engineers from Aqaba Water Company, MEDISS Jordanian partner, inspected the ongoing work for the water desalination plant for the Well of Al Risha, in Wadi Araba (Jordan), that will size opportunities to address current and future water scarcity problems in the pilot area. 

On this site an innovative approach, never tested before in the Middle East, will be applied to the desalination plant of brackish groundwater, extending the membrane’s lifetime with innovative treatments and using PV panels for energy supply.

The inspection included checks on ongoing works:

  • Water reservoir base
  • Excavations for the construction of the wall foundations
  • Reinforced steel preparation



Aqaba Water Company in MEDISS Project
Aqaba Water Company (AW) was established in August 2004. Its purpose within the MEDISS Project is to contribute to the development of the remote area of Al Rishaas by improving the quality of drinking water.

⦁    Developing community-related to drinking water services. 
⦁    Strengthening the relationship between the Aqaba Water Company and the European Union.
⦁    Creating new opportunities for future projects aimed at developing the Aqaba Water Company service area.