MEDISS: Strengthening cooperation among communication experts

On September 23, 2020, MEDISS Communication staff met on Skype to discuss project progress. 
The meeting aims to enforce cooperation among Communication experts by enhancing the coordination and effectiveness in their communication workflows.

During the meeting, all the participants discuss the following agenda:

Communication planning
MEDISS Communication manager conveys the necessity to schedule one meeting a month with a focus on a specific issue established in advance, as the first step to take. 

Publication, content proposal, and keywords
Communication experts commit to enforce the sharing of information on events, project timeline, roles and responsibilities within the project. 
All the participants undertake to improve their coordination in sharing the articles on the web site and the social media paying attention to contents, information, and audience needs. 
A clear focus on keywords is needed: water, climate change, and inclusion tags will help to draw audience interest and curiosity. 

There is a perceived need to settle clear goals and objectives to better organize the articles and their relevance for the audience. The milestones defined during the meeting consist of: analysis of pilot project, procedures, and awareness programme. 

Stakeholders involvement
During the preliminary phase of analysis and mapping of stakeholders, the awareness programme has been put into action. However, the ongoing pandemic make it difficult to organise local meeting and interviews. For now, any other physical meeting is postponed until it will be allowed again by local regulations, and the work will proceed with the material collected until now.  
Communication experts agree to draw up a list of stakeholders for dissemination through newsletters (English, Arabic and Italian Language).

Analysis audience base
Communication is very strong in Tunisia, until now. It is for this reason that the audience in Jordan, Palestine, and Italy need to be broadened. One of the problems noted is the language used in the news, in fact, local language would capture more attention among the audience. Therefore, it is strongly recommended posting in double language (English/Italian; English/Arabic).

Next meeting is scheduled for 19 October 2020 via Skype. 


Partner Name     Title
Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group PWEG Amal Orabi Project General Coordinator
Governorate of Jericho Moutaz Hroub Project Coordinator
University of  Cagliari - CRENoS Anna Pireddu  Communication Manager
University of  Cagliari - CRENoS Michela Cordeddu Communication Expert
University of  Cagliari - CRENoS Laura Stara Communication Expert
Aqaba Water Company - AWC Nizar Akkawi Communication Expert


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