MEDISS يقدم محافظة أريحا والأغوار، فلسطين


المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

Governorate of Jericho & Al Aghwar (GoJ) was established in 2005, in Jericho - West Bank (Palestine). 
The aim of the Governorate of Jericho is to implement the public policy of the State of Palestine and to supervise production and service facilities within the governorate boundaries. 

The objectives of the Governorate of Jericho & Al Aghwar are: 

  • To achieve economic, urban and social prosperity carrying out equality and justice. 
  • To supervise and patronize health, social, cultural, educational, and urban development. 
  • To provide economic and social protection to the poor and needy who suffer from the disruption of the resources and care for people with special needs.



In MEDISS the Governorate of Jericho & Al Aghwar (GoJ) coordinates the activities aiming at involving Palestinian target groups and beneficiaries in awareness raising programmes (capacity building workshops). 

GoJ is also responsible for defining networking activities aiming at promoting exchange, development and uptake of good practices on non-conventional water supply at cross-border level (study visits in each country scheduled during PSC project meetings). 
Finally, Goj identifies - together with CRENOS Senior Facilitation Expert- a common awareness raising methodology between MEDISS partners. 


              Coordinator                                                  Accountant                                                Facilitator

         Moutaz  Al-Hroub                                              Areej Eliwat                                            Yusra Swaity