MedTOWN in Spain contributes to reduce digital gap for administrative procedures in Cerro-Amate, Seville

La Casa de Todos association was born in 2010 and is located in the Cerro-Amate District. This District encompasses two of the disadvantaged areas of Seville. Their work is fundamentally focused on improving the quality of life of families and people in a situation or at risk of social exclusion.

The national workshops of MedTOWN have been very helpful. Online tools have made it easier for us to develop the objectives, identify the beneficiaries, manage the budget

The objective of our project is to reduce the digital divide in the Cerro-Amate District. With Yo tambien puedo (I can too) project, we want to empower people to be self-sufficient in carrying out administrative procedures related to telematic actions that they cannot carry out today. We have had the collaboration of the Cerro Amate District (Seville City Council). His Director has supported this project from the beginning and he thinks it is important because the digital divide in this District has increased as a result of the pandemic.

Likewise, we contacted with Antonio Machado Neighborhood Association of Polígono Sur, another of the disadvantaged areas of Seville that are very interested in carrying out this project. The fundamental change that we want to achieve with this project is that users are participants in their own development and do not depend on entities like ours to carry out any management that, in other areas of Seville, people can do from home. The change is to reduce the digital divide of this sector of the population.