MoreThanAJob: إستعراض قصير للحلقة الدراسية الثانية "تدريب المدربين"


 المحتوى متاح باللغة الإنجليزية

The successful continuation of MoreThanAJob's Training of Trainers “ToT” Workshops has strengthened the project’s implementation phase at a cross-border level. In general, the ToT activities focus on building and strengthening the capacity of trainers, in terms of knowledge and skills, for implementing and disseminating the MoreThanAJob framework to Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) and Public Administrations (PA) representatives. The latter has as an overall goal the inclusion of the unemployed (including refugees and uneducated) through SSE initiatives with the cooperation of public (PA) and private (SSE) stakeholders. 

In this regard, on the 4th, 5th and 7th of January 2021 the partners participated in the 2nd ToT workshop organized by EUROTraining Educational Organization. The 3-day sessions included theoretical and practical training in thematics that  focused on Social and Solidarity Economy actors and stakeholders. The training expert responsible for the activities was Mr Yiannis Lyeros, who has theoretical and practical expertise in issues related to social inclusion, entrepreneurship, public administration, social economy, vulnerable social groups (e.g. migrants, refugees, unemployed) and adult education. Bellow you can briefly have a glance in the selected Modules and the expected Outcomes of the ToT Workshop.

Selected  modules
Establishing and Strengthening the Capacity of Social Enterprises
Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Expected outcomes

  • Explain concepts to their local actors at various levels.
  • Select the appropriate tools that can be used for each specific context (inspired from case studies and informed by methods).
  • Implement better and more inclusive ways for the inclusion of the unemployed (including refugees and uneducated) in the work and education system in their territories (identifying challenges, opportunities and solutions).
  • Create a network of practitioners to promote peer-to-peer learning.

The training workshop lasted three days and was held online. Selected trainers from the partner Mediterranean countries (Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Italy and Greece) participated in the activities that had been scheduled. The training module included thermotical and practical sessions that both had a strong focus on interaction and mutual learning. The thematic of each day had been the following:
•    Day I: Sketching the Social and Solidarity Economy Canvas
•    Day II: Creating an Entrepreneurial and Innovative Ground
•    Day III: Specific Skills and Goals

A participatory approach was the main idea behind this ToT Workshop. Therefore, the participants had the chance to get familiar with the main theoretical concepts of the selected thematic, to be introduced in resources and material that could be used by them for designing their future training session and last but not least they had the chance to participate in a series of interactive activities during the training workshop. 

Finally, it is quite important to mention that during the second ToT peer-to-peer learning was encouraged. In addition, the exchange of best practices has brought forward “new knowledge” among the participants and during the round table discussions common challenges and ideas were shared. Overall, the network of trainers among the partners has been strengthened and a common channel for communication, mutual learning and support has been created.  Such an outcome is crucial and beneficial especially for the later stages of the related activities that will take place in all the partner countries.

For more information on the project and its activities, visit the MoreThanAJob webpage on the ENI CBC Med website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.