RESMYLE in Tunisia invites you to participate in a workshop for the conservation of the traditional sewing heritage of Hammamet


Hammamet embroidery has become so famous that sewing manuals speak of "Hammamet stitch". And one must see with what dexterity and patience the Hammamet mothers pass on to their daughters this admirable art which they themselves have inherited from their parents!

The traditional costumes of Hammamet, from the black Jebba Akri, the two-coloured Jebba, the Jebba Matrouza, the Jebba Mouchetée, to the splendid costume of the Bride, and including the Kmejja, the Kadroun, or the Kaftan..., are quite simply works of art.

This heritage is now threatened and we risk losing it for good.


Our observation is that this profession is disappearing due to a lack of training, whereas there is a very strong demand for its products because of the strong cultural anchorage of these traditional clothes for thousands of years... Raising awareness and especially training young people and enhancing/modernising (revisiting) and promoting them can help to safeguard this heritage. This is the ambition of this field training workshop.

The objectives of the workshop are to
- To make young people aware of the importance of the trades related to the clothing heritage by the population
- To pass on the techniques of traditional sewing in the town of Hammamet from one generation to the next
- To offer advice on how to safeguard and enhance the heritage of Hammamet (and modernise the accessories)
- to create a socio-economic dynamic of jobs in the sector of the traditional female costume

At the end of our workshop, the participants will be able to launch themselves into the world of entrepreneurship and will be able to start as entrepreneurs in a sector of sustainable development that is cultural and artistic crafts.

Participants will be able to acquire the following skills:
- Introduction to heritage
- Introduction to sewing
- Method of knotting and jobba
- Learning the craft of soap making and traditional Hammamet pastries...
- Communication (public speaking)
- Work group
- Time management
- Evaluation of the project,

- etc.

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