GIMED: 14 business ideas have received coaching support in Palestine

Anete Lusina (Pexels)

In Palestine, fourteen green solutions have been selected to receive coaching support after the celebration of the capacity-building workshops held before summer. After a highly selective evaluation process headed by Leaders International, the GIMED’s Palestinian partner, innovators and ventures have received support in access to finance and markets.

Around 20 participants had the opportunity to learn from each other but also met their individual needs. In this sense, coaching sessions were divided in group coaching and one-to-one coaching to ensure that complex individual needs of each participant were satisfied. These sessions were conducted between July and October.

Amjad Almasri, Director of Innovators and Education Technology Center in Palestine Technical University, was one of the trainers behind this second phase. He received a green training diploma certified by Switchmed Programme together with Bissan Abu Hawash, another trainer focused on the one-to-one coaching that was certified by the Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC). The last trainer that joined the sessions was Suheir Alsaleh.

Almasri’s mission is to establish the concept of entrepreneurship and innovation among university students and create success stories and real business by students. Along the sessions, different thematics were touched such as Green Business Modelling and Planning, access to finance and access to markets.


Meet the 14 ideas selected for the coaching sessions

Ezra, has developed a small hydroponic system device to be installed in medium and small houses. It will achieve a partly self-sufficiency of vegetables and fruits for houses without the need of big spaces and gardens.

Golden Strawberry, cultivates and produces strawberries using modern technologies to produce a healthy product of high quality without any chemicals.

Samadak Min Beitak manufactures an organic fertilizer from food scraps, animal and farm wastes, as a substitute for chemical fertilizers that are harmful to the plants.

Organic Egg is a poultry farm to produce organic eggs by providing and creating a natural environment in which chickens grow and live under the supervision of a certified veterinarian. 

Flower Land works on using lands by planting them with roses that will irrigate using water from the main purification station in the village.

Talia Organic Farm, is a project offering a healthy and environmental alternative that consumes less water in ecological vegetables production.

Buthoor Mushtaraka offers a proper cultivation of millet seeds and all its varieties. 

SHABAP is a project that assesses the existing conditions of buildings and suggests improvements to reduce energy and water consumption and to improve indoor air quality.

PALGY works on the solar panel electricity generation sector to face a number of challenges that affect the efficiency of using this technology in generating energy.

Palestine Rif is an idea based on creating an e-commerce website in order to market and display plant.

Almaraee Alkhadraa project is raising sheep and feeding them with greens and chemical-free environmental crops to produce varieties of mozzarella cheese, braided cheese and Labneh balls.

Rest aims to transform Palestine into a fully computerized state by gathering all the shops in one application that allows the residents to roam the "virtual" streets of the cities.

Shahd Al Assal is producing honey and other hive products, with the focus on the packaging process of honey.

Blue Stone makes interior stones for decoration in different shapes and colours using silicone molds and recycled materials such as glass, wood wool, iron and paper waste.