Plastic: from the environment to human health. A forum supported by COMMON project


A platform to present, discuss and implement state-of-art ideas and approaches in the plastic occurrence in the environment and its relationship with relevant human health issues, while anticipating future directions. Two days of scientific session, a round table as well as a plastic art challenge programmed. All this and much more during the event "Plastic: from the environment to human health" the Tunisian Forum on plastic pollution that will be held in Sousse (Tunisia) from 4th to 6th November 2021.

The event is organised by the University of Sousse and supported by the COMMON project. During the Forum, three higher level scientific sections will be organized:

- Plastic in the marine environment

- Plastic transfer through the food web

- Plastic and human health

A round table on the plastic issue in Tunisia and in the Mediterranean area will be also organized involving NGO, local associations, local administrations, and scientists. Moreover, during the last day, will be awarded the prize for the Plastic Art Competition, which involved several stakeholders in the production of short films and plastic art.

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