Med-EcoSuRe supporting retrofit investments acceleration in Mediterranean university buildings


One of the main objectives of Med-EcoSuRe project is to allow the Mediterranean university & public building managers in the midterm to tap into a wide array of proven technologies, policies, and financing mechanisms to improve energy efficiency and capture cost-effective energy savings in buildings. In this context, a Cross-border seminar was held with the aim to provide recommendations enabling financing of clean energy technology for building retrofitting, referring to different experiences with finance instruments and potential replication in the Mediterranean.

This seminar, organized from 15th until 29th of June 2021, gathered 40 participants, and targeted local and regional authorities, national energy agencies, ministries and fund managers, organizations providing training to cities and regions, banks and financing institutions, and all actors interested in replicating these financing schemes or supporting cities and regions in doing so.

The seminar included:

  • National workshops (15-18th June 2021) organized, both in-person and virtually, in Tunisia, Palestine, Italy and Spain, to:
  • Explore  partnership opportunities, instruments and funding programs adapted to the each local context;
  • Identify barriers to the deployment of energy retrofitting actions in the public sector; 
  • Draw strategic recommendations on how to seize the opportunities and overcome the barriers to accelerate the energy renovation of public buildings. 
  • A cross border conference (29th June 2021) in which, invited experts gave an overview on the energy transition and financing schemes in the Mediterranean region, and the project partner presented the outputs of the local workshops, with the aim to trigger a debate about local specificities on existing financing schemes and opportunities to accelerate the energy renovation of universities buildings.


The reports of all national workshops organized are available in the following links:

National workshop_Tunisia

National workshop_Italy

National workshop_Palestine

National workshop_Spain