STAND Up!: supporting circularity and sustainability in the fashion creator

Description and objectives

STAND Up! will offer three subgrants via a prize for solutions to textile manufacturing and clothing industry in the framework of the Mediterranean Regional Business Award for Eco Innovation, a flagship initiative of UNEP/MAP Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development. Winners will benefit from funds to support their growth and development, as well as to increase their national and international profile.

Potential beneficiaries

Prospective beneficiaries are business models addressing ecological challenges and reducing environmental impacts. Impact resulting from eco design and eco innovation will be key criteria of evaluation. A validation of the business concept will be needed, focusing on market viability, growth potential, and proven demand. They will need to proof a business model and structure enabling them to fund themselves on a non-grant basis with a view to self-sustainability. Applicants will have to clearly state their environmental and social impact and measurable indicators, and have the potential for job creation for vulnerable social groups. Organizations will need to proof that they are managed in an accountable, sustainable and inclusive way, taking into account the interests of employees, customers and other stakeholders affected by their business activities. Ideally, 50% grants will be awarded to women entrepreneurs and 50% grants to youth entrepreneurs under 35 years old.  

Total budget available

€ 50.000 

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

6 subgrants, distributed in the following way:
-    1st Prize: 2 grants of €12.500 
-    2nd Prize: 2 grants of €7.500
-    3rd Prize: 2 grants of €5.000
Applicants from all ENI CBC MED beneficiary territories can apply, under two different categories: “Northern Mediterranean Region” and “Southern Mediterranean Region”. 

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

Awarded organizations can use the funds to support any activity that will help them enhance their business model with no restriction. Under the structure of award, any cost category can be covered.  

Selection criteria and award procedure

The call for proposals will be directed at both participating ventures, and via an open call. The call will be administered via all partners. The Award Secretariat, SCP/RAC, will do a first screening to identify applications that meet all the required eligibility criteria. Then, the consortia team, along with external experts, will do an in-depth evaluation of all pre-selected applications based on detailed evaluation criteria for each category (in particular, the environmental, social and economic impact of Sustainable Business Models and the performance monitoring, sustainable funding and participatory approach of Public Authorities initiatives). 
Based on the number of points obtained, the top 10 applications from each category will be selected as finalists and will be submitted to the Award Jury.  
The Jury Members will assess the applications separately and then will meet to select the final winners of each category together. The names will be announced at a public Award Ceremony. 

Tentative calendar

Call for applications open for textile and fashion entrepreneurs to access international markets in the Mediterranean! - Deadline to submit applications: 31st March 2022


Anna Ibañez de Arolas, SCP/RAC, STANDUp Project Manager, 
Alessandro Miraglia, SCP/RAC, Team Leader – Networking and Communication,