A song against marine litter: COMMON project rewards an Italian school


Italian schools continue to participate in the contest We Are All Med - Schools Vs Marine Litter, a competition born under the COMMON project with the intent to raise awareness about marine pollution and stimulate younger minds to reflect on the subject.

This morning, in the Municipality of Grosseto - Italy - there was an award ceremony at the Leonardo da Vinci secondary school. The works  presented by the students of the school were all focused-on waste, in particular plastic ones, which pollute seas and beaches. There were many ideas for reflection on how to reduce this issue and many good practices told. To have reached the top step of the podium was the third B class of the secondary school, with a song about the marine litter.

In addition to the award ceremony and the delivery of the t-shirt branded COMMON, also an interesting lesson by the educators of Legambiente Festambiente, coordinator of COMMON project.