Med-EcoSuRe launches a call for expertise to elaborate an action plan for university buildings renovation in Tunisia


Among the expected achievements of Med-EcoSuRe, is the development of action plans addressed to higher education decision-makers, which enable to put into action national (or regional) guidelines in terms of energy renovation of buildings, through the identification of energy saving practices and appropriate financial instruments, while capitalizing on the tools developed within the project. Recommendations for improving the existing regulatory and incentive frameworks, promoting the energy renovation of buildings in higher education establishments, will also be proposed, depending on the national context.

In this context, the Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre (MEDREC), coordinator of Med-EcoSuRe, is launching a call to select a national expert to develop an action plan and propose recommendations for the energy renovation of buildings of higher education establishments in Tunisia.

The closing date of the call for expertise is the 16/02/2022.

The text of the call is available HERE