RESTART MED! - promoting the attractiveness of sustainable tourism destinations and products


The objective of this call for sub-grants is to engage and empower economic actors active in the sustainable tourism sector, through the implementation of visibility initiatives aimed at promoting the attractiveness of existing sustainable tourism products in the target area(s) and increasing the attention for the sustainable tourist destinations.

Potential beneficiaries

Provider /manager of existing sustainable tourism products and services. 

For example – and not exclusively: small and medium enterprise in the tourist sector, tourist service provider, tour operator, travel agency, Destination Management Organization (DMO), Destination Management Company (DMC), tourist professional association, site management company, etc.

Total available budget

87.000 euro

Number of sub-grants and breakdown by country

20 subgrants in total:

Italy: 3 x € 5,000.00 = 15.000 euro
Spain: 4 x € 5,000.00 = 20.000 euro
Lebanon: 3 x € 4,000.00 = 12.000 euro
Jordan: 5 x € 4,000.00 = 20.000 euro
Tunisia: 5 x € 4,000.00 = 20.000 euro

Actions to be carried out with the sub-grants

Types of action which may be financed under this call:

Visibility initiatives aimed at promoting the attractiveness of existing sustainable tourism products in the target area(s) and increasing the attention for the sustainable tourist destinations.

The visibility initiatives should be focused on tourism products and services which, in their production, operation and/or delivery, pay particular attention to at least two of the following sustainability pillars: 

  • Socio-economic sustainability
  • Cultural sustainability 
  • Environmental sustainability

The visibility initiatives 

  • should refer to at least one tourism niche (e.g. eco, slow, culture and heritage, food and wine, adventure tourism etc.); 
  • should be developed in a participatory approach, including all actors (public and private) that can contribute to the sustainability of the product/service 
  • should affect the overall concerned territory and provide benefits to a large number of public and private actors of the targeted area 
  • may be part of a larger marketing/visibility initiative

The tourism products and services which are promoted in the visibility initiative should

  • assure local ownership of the product/service;
  • have business and job creation potential
  • be pre-existing and sustainable tourist products developed under capitalizable projects or based on similar practices.
Selection criteria and award procedure

-    First round of info session before publication of the call per country
-    Publication of the call (subgrant package: Guidelines including evaluation criteria/grid, Application Form and budget form)
-    Second round of info session as soon as the subgrant package will be published 
-    Selection will be carried out based on an evaluation process which foresees: (Step 1) administrative check and (Step 2) evaluation of the proposal
The applications passing the opening and administrative checks will be further evaluated on their quality, including the proposed budget and capacity of the applicants. They will be evaluated using the following evaluation criteria:
1. Sustainability challenges: Is the action likely to reinforce the following tourism products’ sustainability pillars: Socio-economic; cultural; environmental?
2. Relevance and design of the action
3. Partnership / no. of actors involved
4. Long-lasting effects of the action
5. Financial and operational capacity
6. Implementation approach, budget and cost-effectiveness of the action

An evaluation committee will be created in each country assuring fair representation of different interest groups (civil society organisations, public authorities, and private stakeholders).

Documents and deadlines

Call in Jordan - Deadline to apply: 16/10/2022
Call in Spain - Deadline to apply: 14/10/2022
Call in Lebanon - Deadline to apply: 16/10/2022
Call in Tunisia - Deadline to apply: 16/10/2022
Call in Italy - Deadline to apply: 14/10/2022


Deborah Rezzoagli RESTART MED Project coordinator - Lead beneficiary CISP