RESMYLE offers young people the chance to take part in 2 new eco-volunteering missions in Lebanon



Contribution to the implementation of the “Econitia” eco-incubator in Lebanon

2 missions: From 5 May 2022 to 2 August 2022 (ref. ecovoleb 13) and from 1 June 2022 to 29 August (ref. ecovoleb 14)

Description of the Mission: The aim of the mission is to contribute to the development, organisation and implementation of the ECONITIA eco-incubator in Lebanon. Tasks include reception of young entrepreneurs, file management, support for project monitoring, coordination of sessions with ADR (Association for the Development of Rural Capacities) team and expert trainers, etc.

You will also master the use of animation tools for the eco-incubator (brochure, flyers, social networks, participation in the organisation of promotion and communication events among young people in the area).

In addition you will help establish a database of environmental and sustainable development awareness tools to strengthen the environmental education of young applicants wishing to join the eco-incubator. This includes identifying and selecting appropriate educational tools and resources.

This mission will help you familiarise yourself with the processes to implement and run an eco-incubator, gain skills in file management, administrative organisation, marketing, communication and teamworking, as well as gain knowledge in environmental protection and sustainable development, etc.

These missions are open to French, Italian, Jordanian and Tunisian participants. More details for mission 13 here and mission 14 here.

To apply, please follow this link: