Both BESTMEDGRAPE and OENOMED regard grape, a traditional crop in the Mediterranean area


Synergy contacts have recently been established between BESTMEDGRAPE and OENOMED teams. The meeting highlighted how common interests exist in the Mediterranean area in the theme of wine, sustainable local development, and the development of business ideas that become the element that can give a valuable contribution to the creation of a circular economy.

Starting with the fact that the bunches of grapes are not always well recycled, the discussion focused on the possibility to propose practices to enhance this product and include it in the charter that the OENOMED project is putting in place. In this sense, a link with the future startups that could sprout from the BESTMEDGRAPE project could be established.

The two projects act on the same sector and are both interested in sustainable viticulture which can be achieved only through an ecological process that necessarily ends with waste treatment and recycling. A strong complementarity between the objectives of the two projects has been underlined.

INSERM (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale) as a French partner of the BESTMEDGRAPE project could intervene during the next meeting; on this occasion, INSERM will be invited to present the BESTMEDGRAPE project and actively participate, establishing important contacts also with the local actors. This participation will contribute to strengthening the presence and visibility of the project in the area.