MoreThanAJob supports Syrian families increasing their incomes in south of Jordan


The Dairy Products project promotes income and  social solidarity for  unemployed young people, poor families and Syrian refugees” and is run by the Shihan Charity Association (SCA), one of the two sub-grantees of MoreThanAJob in Jordan.

In the complex environment of Jordan with its high unemployment rates and scant industry, the “Dairy Products” project aims to help make refugees economic actors in their communities and agents of their own integration in Jordan, while also contributing to the development of the area where they live by generating employment and supporting the creation of small businesses.

The project has been designed to promote economic and social development in 4 areas in south of Jordan: Karak, Tafila, Ma’an, and Shobak.

Project objectives and target groups:

The project works with a total of 15 Jordanian and Syrian families in the southern part of Jordan. It targets poor and low-income families, especially the ones with unemployed mothers, and unemployed young people aged between 16 and 35 years old.

The project is divided into 3 phases. The first phase which lasted for 45 days, provided 58 persons with several training courses on how to make products out of the sheep's milk..

The trainings focused on increasing production, manufacturing and service activities, supporting to contribute to the development of small enterprises that create employment and wealth for refugees and the local community.

The SCA entered the second phase of the project in which the necessary equipment and raw material (milk) required will be provided to the target groups. The raw material will be purchased from the sheep owners in the area. The production process will be supervised by the association for each family. In the 3rd phase, the marketing process will be provided to the producers for the market and neighbouring areas.

After the completion of the three phases, it is expecting to create 100 job opportunities. A monitoring and evaluation plan is being developed by Mutah University, MoreThanAJob Jordanian partner, to monitor and evaluate the project progress. The SCA is working now on creating a network with the private sector and reaching a wider range of people in order to achieve the objectives of the project and gain the most benefit out of this project.

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