Let's clean up the Sanremo beach with COMMON project


COMMON project will be present at the second stage of the Clean Beach Tour which, in the week of the Italian Song Festival, lands on Bussana beach, near Sanremo (Italy), for an extraordinary cleaning of the coast. Organized by Legambiente and the Italian riock star Piero Pelù in collaboration with the Municipality of Sanremo, the second appointment of the tour, scheduled for Wednesday 5 February at 11.00 am, has a dual objective: to clean up the Bussana beach suffocated by garbage and raise awareness public opinion on their correct disposal and on the marine litter issue.

Before the cleaning of the coast, at 10.30 am, there will be a short press conference which in addition to Pelù, already promoter of the first stage of the tour in Orbetello, will also see the participation of the national and regional representatives of Legambiente and the Sanremo administration. In the ecological view of the day, a train plus bike caravan will leave from Genoa which, thanks to the efforts of the Fiab / Legambiente bicycle friends club, will travel the cycle path of the western Liguria to reach Bussana beach. For any other information, please refer to the website www.festambiente.it and to the official Facebook page of the "Clean beach tour - Sanremo" event.