U-SOLVE in Cyprus gathers a diverse audience to debate on sustainable change of Nicosia


It is rare to see urban actors from all walks of life coming together under one roof to discuss, debate, and work together to turn a sustainable dream into reality. Indeed, is rare but it is not something impossible.

U-SOLVE in Cyprus achieved the unusual and brought representatives from public authorities, NGOs, private companies, academic and research institutions, non-for-profit institutions, the cultural and creative industries and even members of the parliament together and involved them in co-creation activities. The three focus groups that were organized in Cyprus in the 29th of April, the 2nd of May and the 4th of May, within the U-SOLVE framework, have been extremely successful not only in terms of engagement but also from a point of view of generating awareness, understanding and consensus amongst participants concerning the need for sustainable change in the city of Nicosia.

Three focus groups have been fulfilled each with a key overreaching theme for Nicosia, the themes were ‘Built Environment’, ‘Waste Management’ and ‘Sustainable Mobility’. These themes have been identified, from the collection and analysis of relevant data, as the urban domains of the city of Nicosia that were suffering the most.

U-SOLVE’s strategy of promoting the active involvement of citizens and stakeholders in the process of problem analysis, development of objectives/methodologies and definition of solution options is a valuable process for successful sustainability transitions.