MoreThanAJob in Lebanon delivers a number of awareness and vocational training sessions in Bekaa to tackle proper health, safety and management skills at the workplace


Lebanon has witnessed fiscal, financial, social, and political crises, stagnating all reform attempts. However, PHI group, subgrantee of MoreThanAJob, was able to spread its roots across the socially diverse Lebanese society as it commenced its training program titled “Carving out a Better Path Forward” as part of MoreThanAJob project on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of May 2022. PHI group successfully managed to reach out to the target groups, experts, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the mayor of Bekaa.

The "Carving out a Better Path Forward" program addresses the inequalities present within the Lebanese labour market, particularly in the most deprived areas in Lebanon such as Bekaa. Through implementing this program, new sets of skills and qualifications amongst under-skilled workers, especially those coming from less privileged areas in Lebanon have been cultivated. Help and support were provided to those who are deeply affected by the situation in Lebanon through offering health and safety in the workplace awareness sessions, vocational trainings for under skilled labour and soft skills trainings. Image removed.

The training targeted 47 men and women from the Bekaa region

The awareness sessions aimed to equip the participants with the knowledge, skill and competence to recognize and maintain good health and safety practices in the workplace. They focused on covering different risks, hazards and controls associated with the workplace and raising health and safety awareness of the learners.

Another training was conducted by PHI group. It focused on how unused items or discarded material can be converted into useful products, and thus be turned into a useful opportunity. The training included several activities and exercises that aimed at enhancing the participants’ knowledge and empowering them with practical skills to manage and engage effectively in the workplace.

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