1, 2, 3 - RESMYLE welcomes its first intake of eco-volunteers in Lebanon and Tunisia


RESMYLE eco-volunteering missions are designed for young NEETs to spend 3-months in another partner country (France, Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan) with local environmental organisations (RESMYLE project partners or others) to help them gain valuable hands-on experience, spend time in a different country and culture and play a key role in delivering a project that benefits the local community.

Mu’nis Makhadmah, from Jordan, and Hamada Amine Ben Fraj from Tunisia have been with our Lebanese partner, Association for Development of Rural Capacities, since 1 June. They are based at the Econitia eco incubator in Tyre and, under the supervision of qualified professionals, have a special task of providing support to the young eco-entrepreneurs on design and creative thinking, helping with materials and answering minor questions. Their missions were deliberately formulated to be part of the incubator team and take maximum benefit of being among other young people in such a fertile “can-do” environment. Also, helping the young entrepreneurs, where they can, is a immense source of confidence and belief in themselves, qualities that are often in short supply among NEETs.

Finally, we switch to Hammamet, Tunisia, to meet young Jordanian, Hazem Mansy, who has just begun his RESMYLE eco-volunteering mission with one of our Tunisian partners, the Association Relative à l'Éducation à l'Énvironnement.

Hazem will also be meeting young Tunisian eco-entrepreneurs at the DEMARRI eco-incubator and helping out with daily operations but he will also be working on promoting the city’s cultural heritage sites restored and created by AERE. Again, such tasks will be part of a pedagogical programme to build Hamzy’s hard and soft skills, leaving him in a stronger position to secure the right job, or seek further training when he returns to Jordan.

In any case, we’re delighted to have our 3 RESMYLE eco-volunteers and we wish them happy and satisfying missions in their host countries.