TEC-MED project will raise awareness about aging at the European Researchers' Night in Seville

TEC-MED Project

The Night of the Research is an initiative of the Discover Foundation in Spain that aims to make visible the great research work of professionals who work in the scientific sector. The TEC-MED project participates for the third time in a row in this initiative where we always try to make the guests of the event aware of what it means to grow old.

The activity that the TEC-MED project is presenting this year is called 'From the past to the present: aging in Mediterranean cultures'. From the TEC-MED project, we want to be present and raise awareness of the importance of caring for the elderly through real stories told by people from six Mediterranean different countries about their past that allows us to bring society closer to our elders. In addition, a simulation to feel the skin of the elderly and the aging process.

Participating in this night of research allows us to bring to society those forgotten stories of people from various countries who know the past of our older people and helps us break the stigmas related to age. That is why the TEC-MED project proposes to expose videos with stories told by the elderly themselves that allows us to take a trip to the past through their own words. We will have stories from each country of each member of the TEC-MED team that will be recorded in their real environments and later viewed. With this activity, we will see and give importance to knowing the past of our older people to become aware of the present. In addition, a simulation of what the daily life of an elderly person is like will also be carried out thanks to an aging simulator. An obstacle course will be created such as going up and down a ladder, grabbing an object from above and on the ground, sitting down and getting up, etc. With this activity, we will be able to put the attendees in the shoes of elderly people with their different pathologies.

The TEC-MED project creates a new social, ethical and transcultural care model for all people over 65 years of age and/or at risk of social exclusion in the Mediterranean basin. A care model based on the person's socio-health history allows
integration that puts the elderly person in the center. This activity will provide a closer view of the real stories of the elderly protagonists in each country and also the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of the aging process after the passing of the years.

The event will be held on 30/09/2022 at 6:00 p.m. in Seville, Spain.