The TEC-MED project carries out workshops in support of caregivers of the elderly

TEC-MED Project

The TEC-MED project started the autumn with a series of workshops aimed at improving the well-being of older people and their caregivers. Specifically, the workshop in support of carers was held on September 26 online and on September 28 in person.

The two workshops are the same and consist of three main parts:

  1. Importance of caring for those who care. The burden of the main caregiver. Introduction to care, self-awareness of self-care. Identification of caregiver role overload.
  2. Avoid injuries and appropriate mobilization Importance of physical health. How to move correctly so as not to injure your back or other parts of your body. Toilet for people with limited mobility. Techniques and stretching to maintain good physical health.
  3. Maintaining good mental health. Self-help for depression and anxiety disorders and other symptoms. How caring for other people affects our mental health. Promotion of self-esteem. relaxation techniques Identify warning signs of possible effects on mental health.

In each of the parts, the participants will be able to collaborate on the different techniques for more effective learning. Doubts about the content or about more specific care will also be solved.

The workshop is intended for caregivers of people over 60 years of age, dependent, and/or at risk of social exclusion.

The courses have been given by the Spanish doctors Almudena Arroyo Rodríguez, Mª Dolores Guerra Martín, and Lorena Tarriño Concejero.