MoreThanAJob in Palestine showcases training and experiences of young people towards employment


MoreThanAJob partners in Palestine: The Nablus Chamber of Commerce & Industry and An-Najah National University organized a workshop to share the results of MoreThanAJob’s two sub-granted projects on Tuesday, December 20th, 2022.

It aims to disseminate the results of the two sub-granted projects in Palestine and present the success stories of each project. The workshop was attended by the two sub-grantees who participated actively in the closing event of the workshop with a number of the projects’ beneficiaries. Each sub-grantee presented the outcomes and results of its own implemented project.

 (1) The sub-grantee institution; Partners for Sustainable Development (PSD) received grants for its project “Orjuwan; Fostering The Economic Empowerment of Fresh Female Graduates (From The Marginalized Areas) and Preparing them to Enroll in the Labor Market"

PSD supported 50 young people through professional programs in the field of graphic design and digital marketing, fostering their capacities of self-employment, providing networking opportunities, and encouraging their entrepreneurship.

At the end of the project, 10 beneficiaries received funding from PSD, 28 created business strategies for their own initiatives, and 22 either began or developed their own projects. Additionally, 11 participants got employment as a result of their participation in Orjuwan. Eight participants joined the Training for Trainers for digital marketing training, and three of them signed contracts with PSD after being ready to offer training.

(2) The Civil Society of Nablus Governorate (CSNG) through its grant implemented the project; “Fostering Economic Empowerment of Women from Less Fortunate Families through vocational Training”

Success Stories

During the event, the beneficiaries were given the opportunity to share their stories after sharing the results with the attendees. Five beneficiaries discussed their projects’ ideas and talked about experiences with MoreThanAJob, and the next step in developing future businesses.

Among these beneficiaries, Ms. Farah Barahmeh, the owner of the “Flowers Land for Growing Jory Flowers” project, spoke about her participation in Orjuwan project to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the areas of digital marketing to promote her project and to be able to create and develop new techniques in marketing her products on social media platforms to more effectively reach her target clients. The activities and training she received during her participation were fruitful, encouraging, and a step in the right direction towards starting a successful project.

Mr. Anas Abuelrish, one of the Upholstery Training’s beneficiaries, shared his success story and talked about his experience in this profession and his plans to establish his own business. 

Furthermore, Amna and Amani Utt, owners of Asala project “between handmade and machine jewelry industry”, proudly talked about their ongoing project, accomplishments, website, goods, and next plans. They professionally discussed their market strategy, target market, and market competitors.

The event included the participation of representatives from various NGOs and Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) institutions who work in the sector. The representatives actively participated in the workshop's discussions and made the necessary contributions. They expressed their desire to develop the synergies needed to create the best social services.

The dissemination of a new version of the Policy Brief

The workshop also brought together representatives from different ministries and institutions, including the Ministry of Labor (MoL), the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD), Tamkeen Program of MoSD (tamkeen means empowerment in Arabic), a group of practitioners, policy-makers, and other stakeholders concerned with the SSE sector in Palestine and a group of representatives from the public administrations.

The workshop included discussions on several topics, including the concept of the Social and Solidarity Economy and its impact on employment policies in Palestine, and the role of SSE and public administrations in the development and enhancement of these policies to foster job creation among vulnerable groups in Palestine.


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