INNOMED-UP 1st Steering Committee meeting via video conferencing

The 1st Steering Committee meeting was held on Monday, April, 6th 2020 (15:00-20:00) via Cisco WebEx video conferencing. According to the INNOMED-UP timeline, this meeting was initially scheduled to be held in Amman (Jordan) at the end of March.

However, due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, a great number of national authorities worldwide have imposed strict travel restrictions on flights and visas refusals, which continue to be in force. Early enough, the INNOMED-UP Lead Beneficiary: NTUA proposed to the INNOMED-UP Partnership to proceed with this meeting remotely via a teleconference system instead of physical meeting. The MA/JTS was informed and accepted the proposal. The meeting was re-organized and took place digitally.

All the 26 participants from Greece, Italy, Tunisia, Palestine and Jordan discussed various topics related to the project management, financial, communication and technical aspects of the project and several issues related to circular economy for Creative and Cultural Industries in Mediterranean cities and planning ahead all project’s future activities in response to the consequences of the COVID-19 emergency.

Stay tuned for more.

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