New healthy and environmentally-friendly products born in the BESTMEDGRAPE project


As the end of the project approaches, let's get to know the products born in the framework of BESTMEDGRAPE.

With this article, we present the results of the collaboration between academia and industries in Lebanon. Our partner Saint Joseph University of Beirut activated partnership with several enterprises, involving them in the production of new food products enriched with polyphenols obtained from grape pomace.

Grape pomaces as biosources of active compounds

Grape is one of the most diffused and cultivated fruit crops in the world, with approximately 74 million tons produced each year. It is typically used for producing wine, with a concomitant production of large amounts of pomaces, composed of peels, seeds and stalks. This by-product is mainly used as foodstuff for animals or fertilizer, but still has a high content of bioactives or phytochemicals. Several studies have demonstrated the potential of grape pomace phytochemicals as antioxidants, anti-aging, anti-inflammatories, antimicrobials, and even anti-cancer.In light of the reported beneficial effects, grape pomaces can be used as natural, low-cost sources of phytochemicals that can be exploited to produce cosmetics and food supplements.

The scientific team of Saint Joseph University of Beirut, composed by Prof. Nicolas Louka and Prof. Richard Maroun, established a partnership with NOIROLAIT Chocolaterie, a lebanese sweets factory. They prepared black chocolates enriched with polyphenols obtained from grape pomace and others with grape pomace, cranberries and raisins. Anoyher tasty product consists of chocolate truffles enriched with polyphenols obtained from grape pomace extract and red wine. The truffles are coated withe grape pomace powder.

For the production of sea salt containing dry grape pomace, also Dr, Hiba Rajha joined the USJ scientific team, with the collaboration of Pearl Food Industry, a business specialized in refining sea salt, repacking all kind of pulses, sugar and producing many other food products.

From this collaboration, several products made from sea salt were born: one is enriched with polyphenols obtained from grape pomace, another is a  grindre of sea salt containing dry grape pomace and the last is a mix of the previous one.