MoreThanAJob shares its experience with subgrants to foster social and solidarity economy for social and labour inclusion


On 2nd February 2023, we as An Najah University (ANNU) , partner of MedRiSSE took part in the Jordanian National Stakeholders Dialogue event on Social Innovation in Amman.

It was an interactive workshop to showcase the challenges faced by social innovation initiatives and the success of projects that we are capitalizing on to scale up and replicate.

The event was organized by JOHUD, Oxfam, and MedRiSSE partners, with Jordanian stakeholders to discuss the concepts that shape the social development environment. It included a dialogue session on social entrepreneurship in the Social and Solidarity Economy(SSE) sector.

We had the pleasure to gather with actors from civil society, universities, the government, and the private sector in a national dialogue.

We also participated in the "Partners Meeting" of the MedRiSSE project, on the 1st Feb 2023 with the objective of evaluating the achievements of the project and planning the next steps.

MoreThanAJob roadmap for replication which was elaborated by the ARCO team in collaboration with ANNU team (Partners in MedRiSSE Project ) was presented, as an incentive scheme for public-private co-production of SSE support services. An example, for such incentives is theMoreThanAJob subgrant mechanism.


In this case, the subgrant provided funding to cooperation projects carried out by SSE actors together with Public Administrations (through Memorandum of Understandings) to improve support services for vulnerable groups, such as the uneducated and newly arrived migrants and refugees, therefore increasing their opportunities for social and labour inclusion.