REUSEMED featured in a Spanish magazine specialised on sustainability as an example to promote the culture of reuse


REUSEMED PROJECT: REUSE, A STEP BEYOND RECYCLING: this is the title of the article published by two Spanish partners of REUSEMED: Asociación Nacional de Empresas Públicas de Medio Ambiente (ANEPMA) and Saneamientos de Córdoba S.A.(SADECO) inSpain in the specialized  magazine 'Ciudad Sostenible' (sustainable city) in its last year edition 2022.

The article promotes the culture of reuse and publicise REUSEMED project and itspartners from Jordan, Tunisia,d Italy and Spain.

The REUSEMED Project is an initiative financed by the EU through the ENI CBC Med Programme, the European instrument for cross-border cooperation with Mediterranean countries. For more information, link to the magazine's website.