From GIMED to Seddeh: A Young Entrepreneur's Path to Sustainability


Mohammed Nejmeddin, the CEO of Seddeh, is a young entrepreneur from Palestine who is passionate about sustainability and green living. Nejmeddin will introduce us to his expirence with with the EU-funded project GIMED, under the ENI CBC Med Program, which has been a life-changing experience that has helped him expand his knowledge in green businesses. The program has given Nejmeddin the push to launch his green start-up, Seddeh.

Seddeh is an environmental and social initiative that promotes sustainable slow fashion in the society. The project aims to be more than just a shopping place to acquire slow fashion but rather a community in which its members thrive on sustainability and a green lifestyle. By extending the life cycle of fashion items, Seddeh works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and pollution, leading to a more preserved environment.

Nejmeddin heard about the GIMED program through friends and was encouraged to apply for it. The program has been a great help in developing his green business, as he was able to identify the different points lacking in his project and develop the brand in the right way. The project also highly benefited from the sub-grant provided to it.

Nejmeddin's biggest accomplishment after setting up his company was the recognition he received from a big sector in the society and the positive feedback he received from customers. Despite facing constraints, such as the initial reaction of people to the idea of buying used clothes, Nejmeddin was able to change people's minds through social media platforms and brochures.