SEACAP 4 SDG delivered a study visit in the framework of the Local Living Labs in Alexandria (Egypt)


On December 26th  2022, the Energy Research Unit of Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), partner of SEACAP4SDG project, delivered a study visit in  the Secondary Technical School of  Alexandria Water Company, selected as local entity beneficiary of the support mechanism set up by the project in Egypt, and the Egyptian for Engineering and Commerce (EGEC) company selected as external entity to assist the beneficiary in the implementation of the actions planned. The study visit saw the participation of staff from Municipality of Water Company, staff from Beneficiary  of water School, specialists of the external entity Technical group.








The Water supply company of Alexandria is located in the Governorate of Alexandria (Egypt), where the municipality has a plan with associated actions to enhance energy efficiency and energy mix in all company stations. The actions include some activities such as:

  • Capitalization of  SEACAP 4 SDG's project results Toolkits to be utilized and implemented not only for building but also in water stations;
  • Appling project methodology on a public building related to the company, in particular the school building owned by the company.

The expectations include:

  1. Assist the Municipality to use the Toolkit in their day-to-day work to improve their SEACAP or energy-mix efficiency plans.
  2. Elaborate a recommendation list of the buildings from the municipality to become demonstrators;
  3. Elaborate an improved SEACAP or energy-mix efficiency plan, based on the used Toolkit.
“As an external entity, we will assist the beneficiary, Technical School of Alexandria Water Company, to select the most useful toolkits of the SEACAP 4 SDG project.”

Based on the attended on-line training sessions on the Toolkit in the framework of the Living Lab, EGEC and Alexandria water Company and its associated school representative discussed the most suitable ToolKit for the selected case study. Till now the most suitable Toolkit are the IMPULSE Preparatory set-up and the EduFootPrint.