Connecting Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Future at the GIMED Networking Event


In conjunction with the captivating Pitching Event, a Networking Event was organized by Tunisian Confederation of Citizen Enterprises (CONECT), GIMED's partner in Tunisia, as part of the Green Impact MED - GIMED program.

The event took place at Hotel Parc Tunis on 13th May 2023, at 16:00. It brought together over 40 entrepreneurs from the Green and Circular sector who have received support through GIMED activities for several months. It served as a valuable platform for business meetings, networking, and exchange, creating opportunities for these entrepreneurs to connect, share insights, and explore potential investments. With a focus on the latest trends in Green and Circular finance, innovation, and entrepreneurship, the event unveiled a panorama of opportunities for these forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

The Networking Event emphasized the importance of creating a supportive ecosystem for sustainable initiatives, connecting like-minded entrepreneurs, and fostering the growth of the green and circular economy. It facilitated business meetings, networking sessions, and knowledge exchange among participants, enabling them to explore potential collaborations and expand their professional networks.

The Green Impact MED - GIMED program is an EU-funded project operating under the ENI CBC Med programme. With a total budget of €2.6 million, including €2.3 million funded by the European Union, it aims to promote initiatives that generate positive environmental and social impact, create job opportunities, particularly for young people and women, and foster the growth of the green and circular economy in the Mediterranean region. The program has supported and engaged 400 entrepreneurs, including women and young individuals in management positions in start-ups within the green and circular economy.