CEOMED presented research results at a bioresource technology conference


Our colleague Achilleas Kalogiannis from the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH), Greek partner of CEOMED, attended the 4th conference on Bioresource Technology for Bioenergy, Bioproducts & Environmental Sustainability (BIORESTEC) 2023 in Italy. This interesting 4-day event was an opportunity for him to present two posters named: "Assessment of the biochemical methane potential of fruit and vegetable waste from wholesale markets in batch as well as continuously operated reactors" and "Local perceptions of waste management system in the open markets of Amman and Sfax". Both scientific works delivered interesting results in the technical parameters and social acceptance and framework. During the event, several scientists from South Korea, the USA, Spain and Germany asked about our work and demonstrated interest in replicating the process.