Meeting of the MAIA-TAQA project partners and technical team members


MAIA-TAQA project partners and technical team members in a remote meeting on 28 May 2020 willing to work closer than ever to continue and reinforce cooperation across borders ensuring a successful deliverables of the project.

The objectives of the meeting were to monitor progress of the Work Packages (WP), discuss and approve project deliverables accomplished and identify the critical issues regarding the implementation of the pilot projects in Jordan and Lebanon. 

In the meeting, the team discussed the progress of the pilot project in Jordan such as the:

  • First draft of tender concerning the solar cooling system located at Aqaba Chamber of Commerce building
  • Preliminary study and budget evaluation for thin-film PV installation in Amman
  • Next steps and expected schedule

As well as the status of the pilot project in Lebanon:

  • The identification of the innovative services concerning waste-water treatment and the reuse of the treated water
  • The new site of the pilot
  • The identification of possible applicants for the developments, in co-operation with Utilitalia, of the pilot technical design.