Skills4Sports in Lebanon boosts jobs opportunities in the sports sector


The coaching sessions that took place between 29 July 2020 and 28 July 2023 under Skills4sports project in Lebanon were organized by the René Moawad Foundation in collaboration with local experts in the sports industry.

“The trainees have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge in their chosen sports, with the ultimate aim of succeeding in the sports field and making a positive impact on society,” said coach Dimitri Habib, one of the trainers.

As for the trainer Mark Daou, “this workshop will help the trainees in regards to the exercises they do at gyms or at schools and to effectively interact with children of various ages and levels”.

The program was divided into 3 classes: Physical Education, Football, and Basketball, each one a session per week in different locations. The sessions covered different topics like introduction to the sports industry, coaching and leadership, and sports event management.

The 378 trainees, particularly those studying physical education, expressed their enthusiasm for being part of the Skills4Sports project. Charbel Nemer, one of the trainees, shared his excitement, stating that “obtaining the program's certification provides us with a remarkable opportunity to enhance our abilities, increase our professionalism, and ultimately improve our job opportunities”.  Furthermore, Fawaz Al Ayoubi, 22 years old, believes that “the basketball training program will help me achieve my goals as a coach and to develop my leadership skills”.

Creating new curriculum for careers in sports-related fields as well as business-oriented ones like marketing, dual careers, and event management, is one of Skills4Sports goals. Mona Al Saiid, a 45-year-old teacher who is in the process of establishing an academy for her students, is also a trainee in the project. She expressed profound gratitude for the program, emphasizing how it has not only equipped her with the necessary skills to teach football effectively but also enhanced her managerial abilities. She highlighted that the comprehensive training has empowered her to work collaboratively with trainers and successfully organize sporting events with great efficiency.

Damia Makary, a civil engineering student, registered to “turn my hobby into a career in the sports industry”. In addition, Mohammad Dib, whose major is survey engineering, is very grateful for the football coaching course because it will help him to be a good football trainer in the future.

The Skills4Sports project not only closes the skills gap but also provides new employment opportunities and enables young people to make a significant contribution to the sports sector. With the commitment of local experts, and trainees, and the dedicated efforts of the Rene Moawad Foundation team, Lebanon's youth are on a transformative journey towards a brighter future in sports.