CROSSDEV partners sign agreement to promote the Hidden Mediterranean digital territorial platform


Looking ahead is one of the main goals of every international cooperation project, as every action should be sustainable. That is, able to outlive the project itself and preserve and enhance its meaningfulness over time.

With that in mind, CROSSDEV partners have recently signed a cross border agreement to make sure that Hidden Mediterranean – the sustainable tourism digital territorial platform created by the project – can live for years to come.

Signed at the beginning of July, the agreement underlines the partners’ commitment to promote the project’s objectives and values – cultural exchange, authenticity, empowerment, and responsible tourism – through constant updates of the Hidden Mediterranean website.

Partners agreed to promote the five destinations (Via Selinuntina in Italy, Jabal Moussa in Lebanon, Umm Qais and Aqaba in Jordan, and the Palestinian Heritage Trail in Palestine), to promote sustainable tourism in and among the destinations and to work on the inclusion of new relevant communities and territories exchanging knowledge and good practices.

Recognising the model of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe as drivers and enablers of sustainable development, and for the tourism sector, the partners, in the respective countries and through networking, will strive to promote the greatest accessibility and inclusiveness of the tourism offer and to continue to apply the lessons learned within the project to enhance future tourism policies and action plans, as an important legacy of the project.

Read the agreement.

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