Sustainable MED Cities is empowering communities: Local Project Committee impacts in Irbid, Sousse, and Moukhtara Regions


In the dynamic landscape of the Sustainable MED Cities project development, the Local Project Committees (LPC) in the regions of Irbid, Sousse, and Moukhtara played a pivotal role in driving positive change. During the 3rd Local Project Committee that the three municipalities performed in the last month of August, this dedicated working group has not only undertaken extensive discussions on recommendations for inclusion in the Policy Paper of the Project but has also successfully learned about the innovative training system for external consultants.

The Local Project Committees that are being performed during the project consist of passionate experts committed to their communities. They examined the key aspects of the Sustainable MED Cities project. During the first part of the 3rd LPC the consultants and policy-makers have identified recommendations that hold the potential to shape future policies. These recommendations are grounded in local insights, ensuring that they are both feasible and relevant.

Besides, during the second part of the session where the training system was shown, the committee recognized the importance of ensuring that external consultants are proficient in using the three tools developed in the project effectively.

The commitment of the three municipalities to building a sustainable buildings and urban areas for their communities is an inspiration, and it serves as a model for community involvement.


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