RESMYLE educational resources: waste utilization and paper upcycling


One of the objectives of the RESMYLE project is environmental awareness.

Through a collaborative effort, RESMYLE partners identified 40 existing educational resources that can help trainers and educational organizers conduct various activities with young people with the goal of raising awareness on a specific environmental issue. All educational activities development and documented by RESMYLE can be accessed on this web portal:

How can we reduce paper waste and discarded paper? What are the business opportunities from recycling paper waste? This educational resource is an interactive and artistic activity that promote sustainable and creative methods to recycle paper waste.

Paper recycling offers a wide range on business opportunities. Customized papers can be sold as greeting or gift cards, and as decorations. For young people who are Not in Education, Employement or Training (NEETs) interested in the creative art, this resource offers a step-by-step guide to create customized papers in a short activity. Specifically, the activity is organized into four main steps:

  1. Paper preparation: participants in the activity prepare the paper by tearing it into small pieces, and soak the paper in water.
  2. Make paper pulp: the soaked paper is mixed to turn into mush. It is then filtered using a gauze, and spread the pulp onto a piece of fabric.
  3. Customize the paper: the creative process starts here. Flower petals, colors, or fragrance can be added to the pulp.
  4. Drying: Let your customized paper dry!

Overall, this activity can help youth and NEETs understand the paper recycling process, reduce the amount of paper waste, incorporate and develop their artistic and creative design skills, and identify potential business opportunities using paper waste.

For more details, you can access the educational resource here.