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Management of Bioplastic and Agricultural Biomass Waste for Exploitation in Sustainable ‎Economic Products in The Mediterranean
B.4 Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation
B.4.2 Waste management
It has become a technically feasible to extract and prepare bioplastic materials, corrosion ‎inhibitors and antiscalant as new industrial innovations from agriculture biomass waste ‎that will help to maintain a sustainable environment. We assume from the consumer ‎perspective, that these innovations can lead to market acceptance of this specific type of ‎product required.‎
This objective can be accomplished by achieving the following:‎
i-‎ The development of a robust synthesis pathway to prepare bioplastics, corrosion ‎inhibitors and antiscalant based on agropwaste.‎
ii-‎ Using various characterization techniques to guide further modification of ‎agropwaste to achieve the goal of preparing innovative products with optimal ‎properties suitable for the intended industrial applications.‎
iii-‎ Applying and testing the prepared innovative products under different conditions ‎in order to attain maximum efficiency.‎
iv-‎ Scale-up the optimum laboratory-scale recipe for the preparation of larger ‎quantities of bioplastics, corrosion inhibitors and antiscalant.‎
• Reproducible preparations of bioplastics containing hydrogel that can be used to ‎replace materials obtained from fossil fuels.‎
• Preparation of corrosion inhibitors and antiscalant employed in the chemical and ‎petroleum industry.‎
• Broadening the scope for converting laboratory outcome results into production ‎scale based on well-defined parameters gathered though extensive molecular and ‎macroscopic level characterization of the prepared innovative products.‎
• Publishing 2-4 articles in international cited indexed journals.‎
• Register a graduate student for a master's degree.‎
• Delivering public lectures and presentations to the scientific community.‎
• Organizing a number of Industrial post-experience-training courses in the field of ‎the project for industrialists.‎
• Strengthening the infrastructure of our laboratories by adding state-of-the-art ‎advanced equipment to support research in the latest advanced technologies ‎through a long-term investment that also benefits more broadly other researchers ‎in our home institutes.‎
• Contribute to developing the fund raising of our institutes by producing these ‎innovative products in our semi-pilot then pilot scale for commercialization.‎
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Waste management organizations, Department of Environment, and chemical and ‎petrochemical companies.‎
‎€ 1.000.000,00‎
Alexandria University – Cairo University – Egyptian Petroleum Research Center
University/research centre
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