MoreThanAJob: a structured dialogue with public administration representatives on employment policies was initiated during a training seminar for public administration representatives in Greece


EUROTraining Educational Organization, in the framework of the ENI CBC MED MoreThanAJob Project, conducted a training seminar for actors within the Public Sector. The training activities took place from the 5th until the 9th of April 2021. The 5-day sessions included theoretical and practical training in thematics that  focused on issues related to Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and the Public Authorities. The training seminar lasted five days .  The training was held online and 36 participants, including the training team were engaged. The modules included theoretical and practical sessions that both had a strong focus on interaction and mutual learning. During the training of each day several topics have been raised and discussed. According the training design, the daily sessions included theoretically informed lectures, presentation of best practices, thematic discussions and interactive workshops with activities for the participants. Bellow there is an overview of the key subject in each respective day of the training.

  • Day I: Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Day II: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Public Administration
  • Day III: Social Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Day IV: Social Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups
  • Day V: Multiculturalism and Communication

A key point in the implementation of the seminar is that it tried to combine a theoretical and a practical part. The idea has been not only to provide an overview of theoretical concepts regarding key issues but also to inspire the participants by real-life examples and best practices. During the training the active participation and engagement of the trainers has been supported. The latter has been quite important for being able to promote mutual knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences, and peer-to-peer learning.

The overall strategy for reaching the selected target group contributed in  maximizing the effect of the training. Therefore, diverse group of participants was selected including different organisations and bodies of the Public Authorities from all levels of hierarchy and in different policy fields.

In relation to the policy fields covered the following areas could be mentioned:

  • Employment and Social Inclusion
  • Migration and Integration
  • Educational Affairs
  • Economic Development
  • Local Development
  • Health and Welfare

When it comes to the participants’ position and role within the Public Administration hierarchy, not only high-level public servants (Senior Officials, Experts, and Consultants) were involved but street-level bureaucrats as well. The selection of the latter was essential as they are the ones that have direct interaction with the project’s beneficiaries (unemployed, youth, uneducated, migrants, refugees, etc.). This category of participants included Social Workers, Phycologists, Employment Consultants, Integration Consultants, Administration Officers within the Local Authorities and Community Service Public Officers.

To conclude, as the seminar was online and there have been no restrictions in terms of participation the above strategy for the selection of applicants was examined as positive. Overall, it created the opportunity to transform the training seminar into a real-time idea lab where PA representatives from all levels and police fields had the chance to interact and participate in mutual learning activities.

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