MoreThanAJob: 60 applications submitted in call to improve welfare and social services for vulnerable groups


Our team is very happy with the final number of no less than 60 applications! Thank you to everyone who submitted an application and to everyone who took an interest in our project!

Now, we are currently in our selection process! We’re slowly getting started with the evaluation process, which consists of 4 different phases: Administrative checks , Qualitative evaluation , Interviews , and final selection.

Since we have received many applications and can’t accept all of you, we will now dedicate some time to go through every application to find the most interesting ones. The selection committee will get together to make the final decision.

We thank all those who applied for their hard work, dedication and inquisitive spirit as it is crucial to improve welfare and social services for vulnerable groups in order to increase their opportunities of social and labour inclusion that MoreThanAJob wishes to undertake for the next stages.

We’ll be able to pick only 10 out of the 60 applicants to become our success stories, and reference models to enhance cooperation projects between Social and Solidarity Economy actors (SSE) and public administrations, which won’t be an easy choice for our supervisory evaluators, and committee.

We will inform all applicants about the selection results by 2nd September 2021.


Once again, thank you very much for showing so much interest for our project and good luck!


In the meantime, you can always check our project website news.


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