PHI Group in Lebanon starts the implementation of Carving out a Better Path Forward project under the “MoreThanAJob” initiative

Through the implementation of “Carving out a Better Path Forward” project, PHI Group will be providing support for under skilled workers by offering them health and safety in the workplace awareness sessions, vocational trainings for under skilled labor and soft skills training to reach the improvement of Laborer’s health and safety conditions through the awareness sessions provided and the improvement of workers skills leading to the increase of their accessibility to decent work opportunities.

The project is divided into 2 objectives and 6 activities:

  1. Improving Laborer’s health and safety conditions through awareness sessions
    1. Resource mobilization in targeted communities
    2. Awareness sessions for health and safety in the workplace
    3. Establish a unit for health and safety monitoring/reporting process
  2. Improving workers’ skills and increasing their accessibility to decent work opportunities
    1. Conduct handcraft vocational trainings
    2. Conduct soft skills trainings and coaching sessions
    3. Enhance coordination and dialogue between trained target groups and public administration

In order to select the beneficiaries fairly and ensure that the selected ones are the most affected by the economic crisis and our assistance is essential for them, a mapping and allocation of targets is completed. The coordination was with municipalities, local authorities, and CBOs in the North, South, Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and Bekaa to introduce the project to them and obtain the required support when it comes to locations and targeted groups.

Local stakeholders in every area we target was given the ownership of the project and the full responsibility and inclusion in the implementation to select beneficiaries who will be enrolled in the sessions and the workshops. From every one of the 5 areas in Lebanon, PHI group will be targeting 100 individuals which will allow this project to help 500 under skilled workers in desperate need of finding a job or any source of income. 

In conclusion, PHI Group will be collaborating with several entities in order to ensure the well-functioning of this project such as public administration and particularly the Ministry of Labor, municipalities and prominent figures in each area we target to get the required information related to the beneficiaries who will be enrolled in this project. In addition, this project will lead to a “Memorandum of understanding” between “Phi Management” and “the Ministry of Labor” as this cooperation between the two entitles will be translated into a monitoring unit.